Empowerment Of Disability & Social Integration

Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration Sierra Leone is an initiative of passionate disabled persons that strive for the protection of the basic human rights of disabled people and their families. Its membership is made up of disabled children, women and men as well as volunteers social workers who function as a formidable team to show case their ability and that not all is lost. The Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration based on its identified gaps of discrimination and disregard to disability issues, initiated the idea to serve as a platform to show case their ability to serve in various capacities as well as do reorientation with stakeholders, the disabled themselves and their families that they have the capacity like others to pursue their life dreams. Moreover, this in essence will allow people to see their ability not their inability as they strive to improve on their general well-being. This will also ensure for behavioural and attitudinal change of the wider public about being disabled.


The Mission of Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration is to improve the quality of life of disabled people with developmental disabilities through advocacy for job creation, job financing and the establishment of educational institutions to curb poverty in society.

Our Approach

We work with the disabled, their families, the communities they live and key stakeholders to empower and ensure for social inclusion and show case their role in sustainable national development. From this base, we aim to enter into a dialogue with our sponsors and well-wishers to advocate for the inception of this great initiative, setting up teams for nation-wide inclusion of all disabled persons, supporting their families and setting up a legal functional structure.