About The Organisation EDSI


A compassionate and selfless service initiative, the Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration is establish to serve us a platform to advocate on disability issues through social inclusion, enhance their protection and empowering them and their families. EDSI work towards meeting the basic educational needs of all disabled persons with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of their children. People with special needs, are seen as people without abilities and this has worsened their situation as well as their families.
However, despite individual and smaller group efforts to render some services, progress has been slow. Current social services relating to the disabled and their families tend to be inadequate and in most cases available only in cities. Moreover, the authorities understanding of these vital issues most times depend on the dedication and preparedness of the project team who are usually not specialized in this particular area. We believe that putting the structures in place now will have the most important effects on society and the need for the empowerment and inclusion of the disabled in Sierra Leone. The earlier we can build coherent structures and systems for the disabled and implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Disability Right Act of 2011, the better it is for people living with disability to realise their potential. This will surely be a positive step for the future.