Zainab Kamara - Founder & National Coordinator


Founder and National Coordinator Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration. She has pursued project on nation-wide sensitization on the Disability Rights Act of Sierra Leone, worked with the National Commission for Disability and represent Sierra Leone disability community in the West Africa Civil Society Forum. She is also a board member of National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone
She holds a certificate in leadership in international human rights for women and girls with disability from the Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability, Oregon, U.S.A, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Politics, and Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone

Reuben Lewis Co-coordinator

Musa MM Kargbo Project Coordinator

Festus W.Jonhson Finance Officer

Isatu Kamara Admin Officer

Osman B.Sidique Field Officer

James George Field Officer