EDSI Poem - The Silent Cry

Mama Salone suffered
And had nothing to offer
The ten year war left us shattered
With no hope to offer
Openly we cried but no one came to our slump

The war has ended
Many have repented
Though others seem complacent
Those that have died are truly gun
The structures that were burnt have been beautifully rebuilt
Would our arms and limbs grow again? Would those that have
Been made disable be able to toil again?

Hhaaaaaa that’s the silent cry
Silently we have cried
Is there any hope for us?
The rebels were paid for their job
But the victims are snub in their miss fortune
There is a silent pain a silent cry in the sole of those living with the war

The silent cry continues ringing with hardly anyone listening
Have the government heard about it?
Are there international committees or human right activist
To notice that silently we are crying.